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Doctor stopped questioning science also killed by science
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Published 4 months ago
"Trexenta mourns the doctor Federica Stroscio, who died at the age of 36
In the dark period of the pandemic she was at the forefront of the Covid department: she was taking up his specialization in Anesthesia. The mayor of Guasila: «Bring your smile to the angels»
"Bring your smile to the angels." A few words of remembrance and mourning those of the mayor of Guasila Paola Casula, who joins the pain of the whole community for the premature death of Federica Stroscio, taken from her life at only 36 years old by a disease discovered just under twelve months ago, incurable result."
"12 JANUARY 2021
One of the most exciting days of my life!!!
The mask will hide my smile with 300 thousand teeth, but it can never hide the light of my eyes❤️
When I found out a month into recovery that my immune defenses had for the most part abandoned me and made me vulnerable again, I was scared, so scared!! Standing in the forefront, the terror of reliving the nightmare had overtaken me.. !
But as a famous line from Khalil Gibran says
“Nothing will stop the sun from rising again, not even the darkest night. Because beyond the black curtain of the night there is a dawn waiting for us. ”
V-day ❤️
Come on now let’s talk about photos of people getting vaccinated so you can stop questioning science, without science. Read.❤️"

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