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Stew Peters Deletes Dr Ardis's Comments on Blood Clots (Jane Ruby Show)
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Ba'al Busters
Published 3 months ago |

Dear Mike Adams, if you or your peeps see this, the "custom video thumbnail" option hasn't worked in months.  I can't upload my own thumbnail for the videos I post here, so I stopped uploading. It's a deterrent because I don't have this issue on other platforms I'm on. 

Lied Suddenly? Just before the DIED SUDDENLY documentary was about to drop, Dr (of Psychology and Education) Jane Ruby confronted Dr Ardis, asking him about doubts he expressed about Hirschman's clots. Dr Ardis said he was concerned it could be a hoax on a show that just started out, and he was the very first guest on. How did Jane Ruby even know about this show? How closely are they watching Dr Ardis's every move? After Dr Ardis answers her question, Jane starts twitching and giving off strange body language. Later Stew Peters will take down the Jane Ruby episode and repost it without that section in it. Well Stew, it's been preserved here, sir. So much for "Uncensored, Unafraid, Unstoppable," eh, Stew? My thoughts are that they were protecting their investment in the documentary that's hung heavily on the single claims of Hirschman. They didn't want Dr Ardis's honest assessment to interfere with the release of the documentary which they can inflate the numbers on to make it appear more viewed than it was. But they probably raked in a ton, just like the last lazily slapped together documentary they used mostly older documentary footage to string together called "These Little Ones." In that one Stew sandwiches the Diego Rodriguez-Baby Cyrus story around old documentaries someone else made, and basically ropes & rides Diego and his family all the way to the bank. If he was honest, he would have renamed the latest one "Exposed Prematurely" and set it out to print. I would be praising the Stew Crew if they had done that. I'm sure there was a perfectly good explanation for censoring someone when he didn't even bring it up. Jane did. Why was he censored? Because he didn't retract and repent? This is pretty scandalous. Props to Dr Ardis for simply having the confidence to state his concerns, and to be honest.
From Rapper to jack-booted thug bounty hunter to "Truther" show host somehow Stew has managed to fail upward and make a ton doing it.

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