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Are Earthquakes Saying the End is Near?
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Published 20 days ago

Stan Johnson at the Prophecy Club

Nov 20, 2023

Does God speak to us through earthquakes? Today we look at what the Bible says about earthquakes, and we also take a look at the “Earth Cracking Open in Iceland ahead of Volcanic Eruption”. Most Interestingly, China is planning on drilling 36,417 for Oil.

00:00 - Does God Speak through Earthquakes?

05:10 - Are Earthquakes caused by man or God?

05:21 - Nickola Tesla Earthquake Device

08:52 - Can Scalar Wave Detect the End?

10:58 - Italy’s Mount Etna Volcano

12:08 - China Drilling for Oil in the Desert

17:05 - Earthquakes and Bible Prophecy

18:42 - Earthquakes by Prophets

26:24 - Joseph’s Kitchen

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