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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #225
Published 3 years ago
Date: 2020-06-07

Topics: Remaining Loyal To First Principles In An Age Of Psyops & Disinformation, Mark's hiatus from live broadcasting due to the untimely passing of his former life-partner Barbara Marinelli, this show is dedicated to the memory of Barbara Marinelli, Barb’s contribution to the great Work and helping WOEIH become what it is, Mark getting back to work slowly, Mark has ZERO tolerance for nonsense that saps his energy or attempts to take WOEIH off focus going forward, Self-ownership, Remaining loyal to First Principles regardless of danger or trauma, New social media and content platforms, WOEIH content now hosted on and, Big Tech censors are traitors to Humanity, Other Perspective Of Reality TeleConference June 13 Barcelona Spain, Mark's presentation World-View Violence & The REAL Pandemics, Mark's recent interviews on the Alex Jones Show, and Keith Knight's Don't Tread On Anyone, Mark's presentation Sacred Gift Of Anger now free on YouTube, New t-shirt designs coming to WOEIH Donation Gifts, the Complete Mark Passio One Great Work Collection solid state drive, Mark Passio & The Science Of Natural Law Documentary, Video editing for the documentary is still in progress, ARK 2.0 coming soon, Mark announces his new online 23-week technology skill-set sharing seminar "How To Become The True Media," Enrollment in the 2020 class ends July 4th 12:00 AM Eastern Time, learning the skills and publishing tools necessary to create media, basic and intermediate skill sets that will be covered in the True Media seminar, Content creation on computers vs. cell phones and tablets, Profound thanks to all donors and volunteers, WOEIH is 100% donation supported, WOEIH still needs volunteers to do the Great Work, Help Needed in Graphic Design, Video Editing, Web Development, and Tech Support so Mark can focus on research and content creation, One Great Work Network planning and development, Possible donation-wall for WOEIH Show due to lack of volunteers, CoVID 19 is a Socially-Engineered Perceived Crisis, Fear-based and trauma-based response to Mainstream Media hype, Researching virology and epidemiology to gain knowledge and dispel fear, Bolstering personal health and immune system to overcome fear, Mark’s view of his social media, People still believe the Mainstream Media liars, Being surrounded by idiots, Improving your local community instead of running away, Mark’s mother's awakening process initiated by seeing through the CoVID-19 Psyop, World-view Violence, the "Slave" Class is NOT to questioning the "official" narrative of the "Master" Class, the World-wide state of Duress over CoVID-19 regulations, the Illusion of Race, Violent Actions of Police and decrees of Politicians are completely morally illegitimate, yet people still believe they are their "authorities," Summary executions by Police in America, At least 5 groups of people are involved in George Floyd protests/riots, Protesters with legitimate grievances, 3 types of Agent Provocateurs (Police, Radical Leftists/Communists like Antifa, and White Supremacists) and Common thugs and thieves, EVERYONE involved in the protests/riots believe in the legitimacy of Government and want it to continue.

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