Week in Review – Exopolitics Today – October 21, 2023
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Michael Salla

Oct 22, 2023

Week in Review Topics:

Space Force Comprehensive Strategy document has just been released,

Human looking ETs are primarly benevolent according to multiple sources,

US Army upgrades its mobile laser systems from 100 kw to 300 kw for unclassified weapons projects but classified systems more powerful as seen in 1991 STS 48 UFO incident,

US Space Force memo warns Guardians of a “Strategic Pause” in the use of Generative AI,

Extraterrestrials mimicking human leaders is more than an intriguing hypothesis,

Tall luminous beings continue to be sighted and shot at in Peruvian Amazon region,

Ancient Pyramids are interstellar communication devices according to discover of Bosnian Pyramids,

Another government official comes forward to claim US govt in possession of craft of unknown origin,

New book by Drs. James Lacastski and Colm Kelher on AAWSAP and its role in UFO studies and 38 DIRD studies,

Members of Congress allowed to enter SCIF to hear from Inspector Generals of the Intel Community and Dept of Defense on classified UFO data,

New AARO report just released claiming most UFO cases involve orbs,

2010 Video Presentation by Alex Collier on the importance of Andromedans Mentoring Humanity just released,

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