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Truth-Media Panel 3 | Report 286 | Scripted Mass Shooting False Flags & Frequency Wars to Waking Up the World
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Ramola D Reports
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Published a year ago


Explorative and candid conversation on recent mass shootings which turn out to have scripted echoes of previous mass shootings (Uvalde like Sandy Hook, etc) and motifs which show up everywhere to cull emotional responses from the populace (shoes laid at every spot like an omen or marker, often well ahead of time as in the Tops Buffalo shooting, says Ole), while bearing all the marks of fake events—no bodies, no blood, recycled crisis actors, fake photos, and gargantuan stories (such as the Uvalde kid reporting smearing blood of her friend on herself to keep the gunman from killing her supposedly) replete with quickly supplied photographs and alibi-narratives (such as the Uvalde man who died of a broken heart after his teacher wife was supposedly killed).

One of the primary signs of SandyHook-echoing lies in the fact that this school was apparently a closed school—Robb Elementary School – and like Sandy Hook probably, people participating in the scripted live-drill are sworn to secrecy through non-disclosures and paid handsomely. Drills in fact are a hallmark of these scripted events, with a drill being held at Uvalde prior to the shooting—which also was facilitated by lax school security, delayed police response, etc.

We also speak of brain entrainment and mind control through frequency warfare and media hold on the populace with farcical false reporting pushing the propaganda narrative, the old gun-control narrative that is used, for such events do succeed in creating polarized response, perhaps the end-result intended, and the deflection factor they provide, as currently, with deflection from coverage of Davos, the Bilderbergers, the global WHO, WEF, and WMO meetings to push vaccines, digital ids, climate change, and CBDCs (digital currencies) which yet need proper coverage.

Many are asleep, we note, including close family, and bound to their old paradigms of trusting police, media, and government while all three are working toward genociding and enslaving all with a deadly vaccine, digital ids, “biosecurity” nanotechnology, stealthy energy weapon use on all, neurotechnology and compliance to their increasing totalitarianism. However millions are also waking up, and it is the extreme words and actions of several psychopathic groups and individuals leading to this awakening, which needs to expand and spread.

Those doing the work of informing others therefore need to keep at it and not flail—despite being unwittingly bound on a hero's path where isolation, shunning, hostility, and harm by family and friends becomes a tragic norm--while those waking up also need to do something to wake up others perhaps in their immediate families and communities and not give up. Millions have been damaged from the vaccine and aerosols, thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands have died from it—part of the intended culling well-advertised by various factions among the Bilderbergers and Club of Rome members. Not conspiracy theory but fact, it has become obvious to many an ongoing culling of the everyday man, woman, and child worldwide is underway and can be stopped only through knowledge, awareness, education—billions need to not comply.

Waking up people becomes difficult though since many are locked by frequency warfare into zones of unreachability—the key may be love as Ole suggests or healthcare or just planting an intellectual seed or leading by example.

Ole also discusses his new venture of creating space for like-minded change-makers to come together and stay for retreats or to build homes and stay nearby—a venture in Bali, Indonesia he is looking seriously for funding for: please listen to his ideas and send information or monetary help his way so he can expand on and build out this vision which would help many and help transform the world to a more healing, vibrant, peace-centered place. Perhaps an idea too which many worldwide can start building for themselves, wherever they are.


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