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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #220
Published 3 years ago
Date: 2019-08-18

Topics: Telsa & Humanity's Missing Paradigm Shift Revisited Part 2, What On Earth Is Happening is a tapestry of Knowledge which has prior prerequisites for understanding, The Goal of the Great Work is in the Here and Now, Social Experiments to gauge social intelligence on Occult Knowledge and True Awakening, Mark’s view of the so-called "truth" "community," Widespread public disbelief in Truth, Natural Law, Google's outright and overt Censorship of Truth, the Improbability of the Clinton-related "suicides," Big-Tech authoritarian policies, the Paradigm Shift is stalled by the belief in "Authority," the False Left-vs.-Right political paradigm, Natural Law is virtually absent from freedom/truth community, Mainstream Media are paid liars and propagandists, the Mental Contradiction of Vegans who believe in and condone Government, Covert and overt oppression of Free Energy, Free Energy proponents and patent holders lack of understanding of Natural Law, Anarchists lack of knowledge of The Occult, Lack of Natural Law philosophy in the Free Energy movement, Bad People who don’t want to learn truth and rights, Bad People who don’t want to help change bad conditions, Accountability for the Sleeping Masses, the Need for Discernment and Judgement when attempting to find Spiritual Truth, Universal Peace through a Paradigm Shift in Consciousness, Care and technological solutions for human progress, Brainwashing and censorship by professors and administration in American Universities, Whole food plant-based diet vs. Processed Foods, Awareness of Synchronicities through studying The Tarot studies, Knowing the true philosophy of Thelema vs. glorifying Aleister Crowley, the agenda to push people toward Androgyny as espoused by the Whitehall Church of Satan.

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