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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #227
Published 3 years ago
Date: 2020-06-21

Topics: The Psychological State Of Police & Their Supporters, WOEIH is 100% donation sponsored, How To Become The True Media Online Technology Seminar review of sign up process and class material, "World-View Violence & The REAL Pandemics" now available in WOEIH Donation Gifts, New WOEIH t-shirts on the way, Mark Passio Complete One Great Work Collection, Mark Passio & The Science Of Natural Law Documentary, Help needed at WOEIH, No Lives Matter to the CULT called Government, Human lives "matter" to Government in the same way animal lives "matter " to meat farmers, Government attracts Psychopaths, control-Freaks, Bullies and Racists, Fake "freedom advocates" who want Police to intervene in a crisis are Cowards who abandon First Principles at the first sign of danger, Psychological Polarization Dialectics to create a world of Masters and Slaves, Psychological characteristics of Police, ALL Police are either Order-Followers or Psychopaths, Psychological characteristics of Police-Supporters, the Chronic Brain-Hemisphere Imbalance of Police and their supporters, Lack of Holistic Intelligence of Police, Police abdication of Personal Responsibility to discover the Knowledge of Objective Morality, Police do not truly "provide protection" for anyone, Personal Responsibility for security and Self-Defense, Qualified Immunity legislation for Police officers, All Police-Supporters are either Boot-Lickers or Cowards, Ceasing and Desisting immoral behaviors IS the Solution, The Great Work of removing false belief systems, the Absolute IMPOSSIBILITY for a Cop to be a TRULY Moral Person, There are NO "Good" Cops, Review of Gang Dynamics from Mark's presentation “Duress Dissidents & Deadly Force,” the definition of Duress, No difference between Police and Mafia enforcers, Police are Complicit Gang Members, Police are HOUSE SLAVES, the Moral Culpability of Order-Followers is greater than that of Order-Givers, Order-Followers are responsible for ALL Totalitarian regimes, the Inescapable Moral Logic of Why ALL Police SHOULD and MUST be ABOLISHED.

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