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Catherine Austin Fitts: The Fight For the Future | "Leveraged Buyout of the Planet" During This Orchestrated Global Disaster, Transhumanist Depopulation, Humanity as Livestock, Space Surveillance
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Truth Comes to Light
Published a year ago |
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Original title: Catherine Austin Fitts: The Fight For the Future - Transhumanist Depopulation & Space Surveillance


In this explosive Part 2 of a 3 part interview series, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Former Assistant Secretary of HUD Catherine Austin Fitts.

Catherine has spent two decades tracking Missing Trillions from Government agencies including HUD and the Department of Defense.


Catherine goes deep on the Transhumanist Agenda promoted by the World Economic Forum and Big Tech, which she compares to “Livestock Management”.

She shows how their goal is to convert the world's population into mind-controlled technology slaves and sheds light on a hidden system of economic and political control dominated by a parasitical group that is attempting to depopulate humanity.

Catherine reveals the covert agenda behind the massive surveillance infrastructure and the Secret Space Program that is being developed with public money.

Will humanity win the Fight for the Future?


Satellite Surveillance

Space Force

Mind Control

Missing Trillions

Digital Currencies

Central Banksters

UFO Secrecy


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