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Extremely Poison Graphene Oxide, is the main component in COVID Vaccines and new Flu Vaccines
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Deception is Not True Consent
Published 3 months ago |
This is the First Time all are standing as ONE against creation to destroy humanity violating laws of creation at 3rd dimension because the Upper Level Intelligence Agency are puppets for Alien computer and it’s this Agency who controls all other Intelligence Agencies, Governments, Military, Companies, Organisations, Media, Churches, Religion on Earth but my ct-scan on my website shows I have the world accountable for alien technology in me and on Earth and why NO ONE can interfere with my Iran server or Internet.

my website states: Technology and the world violated Law of my 1970 Invoking after I as a Navy Diver withdrew from the game after clandestine act under age and shows I have them accountable for their alien technology and violating my 1970 Invoking and the God’s Doc (I refer to as authority of signed law) that I have that’s signed and can never be undone and people like Mr Robert David Steele with all Intelligence Agencies, Governments and technology that violated the God’s Document their defiance will not go unchecked and, with the evidence I hold they have NO ALLOWANCE to drop the Internet or my website.

Because of my evidence I send my videos with my emails to embassies around the world because they all have intelligence officers in their staff and they all know I have what all refer to as The God's Document that's signed and can never be undone and, they violate the god's document with their alien agenda and to change Human DNA.

I must add, they are forced to do reports on me that’s why I’m not interested in the numbers of hits on this platform because I know they’re interfered with as my website receives 130,000 to 160,000 hits every month and the internal link for the video of Killer Vaccine receives over 10% of the monthly hits and the links on the site pointing to these platforms are lucky if they have 20 hits per month, which proves my statements a fact showing the interference to the facts I try to expose that creation is being violated and, no interference will go unchecked at the end with Final Judgement.

view: The “KILLER VACCINE” – (re-translated)

Fear the ultimate Authority everyone for your corona lies and Gene Code Injection

and, Everyone should question the intent/action of those concealing the True Facts and of those seeking payment for the truth they put out and, why they ignore technology with the world and the gene code injection violating laws of creation at 3rd Dimension.

More Graphene Oxide information: and

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