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Sisters (funny video)
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Two sisters. I had my phone with me and this is what happened. Shot by Redmi Note 10 Pro + dji mobile 3 + Adobe Premiere.4k and LOG mode. Video for the TopContent community.

You can shoot videos on your phone with children. It's like a separate entertainment or an interesting game in the movie studio. The children really enjoyed it, and a good and funny video was left as a keepsake. TopContent

A little about the technical component of video filming.

For a long time, the best video phone for me was a bunch of Redmi NOTE 5 and Cinema FV5. You can adjust the profile with reduced contrast and saturation. Get a cool and clear picture on the dynamic range. On Redmi 9 LOG gives errors with dropped frames and lack of a stabilizer. On Redmi 10 smears the contours of moving objects. For Redmi 9 and Redmi 10, Cinema FV5 does not work. Other applications did not like the convenience, so shooting in the standard application. But there is no picture profile setting. But there is a LOG with an incomprehensible color space and gamma. And which does not work without errors. Redmi 9 and Redmi 10 video is better in sensitivity, but worse in detail and there is less detail in the profile for post-processing. The usual 4k 30k / s writes everything is fine. And LOG needs to be corrected on the fly contrast, saturation, and there may be a higher bitrate. The camera doesn't work.

Redmi note 10 PRO big disappointment 

Redmi Note 10 Pro camera test 

CMCproduction & SmartREC 

Sisters (funny video) 

Two sisters (funny video)

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