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If you are unsure if a strategy is communist or not all you have to do is ask yourself this one simple question, “does this strategy contradict our United States Constitution?” That’s it. If it is unconstitutional then it is a communist strategy who’s goal is to reimagine or (build back better) America into, at best the Soviet Union of old and at worst the China of today. Every gun law on the books is a communist strategy. Climate alarmism, which is wrought with false predictions over the last 5 decades, is a communist strategy. Stating that the greatest threat to the black community is white supremacy and not obesity, heart disease, black on black violence, absent fathers and abortion, is a communist strategy. The push for green energy is a communist strategy. The D.I.E. (diversity inclusion equity) movement is a communist strategy. Weaponizing government institutions from the CDC to the FBI to force compliance or punish ideological enemies, is a communist strategy. Using higher learning to create new socialists, is a communist strategy. Segregation is a communist strategy. The welfare state is a communist strategy. The abandonment of the scientific method, is a communist strategy. Advocating for open borders and noncitizen voting, is a communist strategy. Student loan forgiveness, universal healthcare, and progressive tax structures, are communist strategies. The LGBTQAI+ + + movement is a communist strategy. The federal reserve is a communist strategy. Lock downs, forced 💉, and telling free citizens what is and what isn’t essential, is a communist strategy. Increasing government power for any reason at all is a communist strategy unless it is accomplished through our amendment process. Dividing the nation and setting brother against brother, is a communist strategy. Disarming law abiding citizens for any reason, is a communist strategy. If you are in support of any legislation, institution, and/or individual that openly advocates for unconstitutional endeavors, then you are either a communist or a useful idiot; what you are not is an American Patriot.  



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