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Bill Gates Orders Govt's To Blacklist Citizens Who Share 'Non-Mainstream' Content Online
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Alex Hammer
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Published 15 days ago

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Bill Gates’ Microsoft is now threatening to disable the computers of users who share so-called “misinformation“ online as Bill Gates and the WEF continue gearing up for the 2024 election season in the only way they know how – by working on an authoritarian plan to censor all opposition, criminalize so-called “misinformation”, steal the US election, and install puppet governments in penetrated liberal democracies around the world.

The elite know the people are rising up against them and like cornered rats they are now desperate to silence the opposition and crush any dissent against their totalitarian vision of a New World Order.

For those who are paying attention, this dystopian vision is playing out in front of our eyes, and it is our responsibility to stop these tyrants in their tracks.

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