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LEVEL (Flat Earth Film) 2021-Why No Camera On The Moon!!!
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Hank Cooper
Published 10 months ago |
Where's the damn camera on the moon, they say we have a rover on Mars and behind the Sun, Saturn etc, but no Moon camera!!! The earth is NOT a spinning ball of water,please look into the flat earth seriously and you will know the secrets of the elite's lies for over 500 years!

Picture yourself with your buddy standing in a mountain top bazaar at the Bolivian/Peruvian border crossing. There is a tall cop from Argentina and the border guy from the control booth we just talked to as we crossed into the country. Strung over the shoulder of the border guard is an Air Canada cabin bag with 3 kilos of cocaine in it. What would you do, they are about 10 seconds away now and they are smiling broadly? I'm freaking out and ready to bolt but my partner is calm as a cucumber and whispers to me out of the corner of his mouth. "Don't move an inch"!

This is an example of the fears I had to face on the road I took at an early age during the tumultuous hippie days! I can assure you as a sheltered little jewboy who never made his bed and was never punched in the face or punched anybody in the face and would jump at a chadow. It's not normal to continually put yourself in the situations I found myself, in my opinion anyway.

You meet people in strange ways during your life, I'm sure many can relate to that. Same holds true with me and after 70 years I thought it might add some humour or hopefully meaning to the one reading. As I have had too many such meetings since before I can remember to this very day. They truly are not the every day story you might read in any fiction or non fiction book I am aware of.

I fit in as many examples as possible to at leaast fill volume number one called Smuggling With Jesus and the rest I hope to publish before I go find out whose been pulling my strings. So please buy my book and read carefully the stories to see how there is more than meets the eye in this life and I feel the more technology happens the less creativity and freedom of expression will happen to humans.

We are living in perilous times and the powers that be are keeping us away from each other so I feel tht those special meetings beetween people that create bonds that can never be broken are being systematically taken away from the human race by some pretty evil bastards.

Please buy my book and pass on the knowledge!

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