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167) Claire Edwards - Cry of the Mothers (mirrored)
Published 3 years ago
Credits to AEVA - Woman Earth Soul channel | 21/05/2021
Claire Edwards - Cry of the Mother's:

As part of AEVA's Cry of the Mothers, Claire Edwards expressed her grief at the scope of the threat that we are facing with the intended future that has been mapped out for us with precision and detail and is currently being rolled out all around us. She shares the solution, as she sees it, for us all to embody the fullness of what it is to be man/woman and to bring our hearts and creativity in authentic response to these times. She says " Once you understand the threat, you have no choice but to get involved".

Claire Edwards worked for the UN 1999-2017 and warned the Secretary-General about the dangers of 5G in May 2018. She co-authored and edited the 5G Space Appeal ( and currently campaigns to stop the global coup d'etat taking place under cover of scamdemic.

For this Cry of the Mothers we came together across cultures and across lands to draw a line in the sand and to say no to the tech no logic take over of our planet. You can view the full event when you sign up to AEVA's membership at, we'd love to have you amongst our circle. Our members make our work here at AEVA possible as we dream and vision and map our way through these times to rest again on sacred shores.

My website is available at for more information on my work.
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