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God created humans to be relational, with the greatest relationship being between him and his people

🔵 Song of Songs 1:1-5:1 – Sometimes Called the Song of Solomon Is God’s Wise Counsel Regarding Love and Relational Intimacy

🔵 The Book Is A Poetic Chronicle of Solomon’s Romantic Relationship With The Women in the Poem – Solomon Speaks As the Man – Four Other Voices (1) The Woman, (2) The Young Women, (3) The Narrator, (4) The Brothers – Blending Into God’s Wisdom Regarding Relationships, Love, Romance, and Marriage

🔵 Sexual Intimacy Is Not The Creation of Satan, But The Sweet and Intimate Gift of God Between A Husband and Wife – It Is To Be Cherished and Protected

Hebrews 13:4 “Marriage Should be Honored by All, and The Marriage Bed Kept 🔵 Pure, For God Will Judge The Adulterer and All the Sexually Immoral.”

🔵 Marriage, and the Sexual Fidelity Required Of a Successful Marriage, Must Be developed and Protected At All Cost

🔵 The Challenge To God’s People Is To Embrace A Sexual Ethic Grounded In Fidelity and Discretion – The Sad Consequences of Sexual Intimacy When Abused
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