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ABSOLUTE CONTROL THROUGH FINANCIAL SLAVERY - Joe Rogan's guest plays a SCARY video exposing coming digital ID dystopia
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Published 2 years ago
A very telling excerpt from a Joe Rogan interview with British radio presenter Maajid Nawaz.

The video clip played by Nawaz exposes the British Government's plans to introduce a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
With a programmable CBDC, the British government would have complete control over anyone who disagrees with their polices or activities.
What is meant by a “programmable” currency?
"Digital cash could be programmed to ensure it is only spent on essentials, or goods which an employer or government deems to be sensible"
In other words, the issuer of the money would have complete control over how you, the recipient, spends it.

What’s just happened in Canada should be a sobering wakeup call for the whole world. They’re showing us exactly what’s in store for all of us.
Governments will basically control dissent through financial tyranny and blackmail.

That programmable currency might restrict freedom is probably the understatement of the century. It’s an absolute given. Imagine your employer, your government and the central bank itself having the privilege to dictate how you spend your own money!

Imagine a third party deciding how much you’re allowed to spend on rent, what kind of food or clothing you’re allowed to buy, or what hobbies you’re allowed to spend money on and when. That’s the power they intend to obtain, and recent events in Canada prove it.
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