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The New Model: Resilient Cities
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Published 2 years ago |
Resilient Cities are now found all over the world. And like most labels being used today in the Great Reset era, the term means the opposite of what you think it means. What they really are, are cities that sign on to Sustainable Development goals while rethinking and reimagining how to use weather and economic disasters to financialize cities and the people who live there by setting them up for Social-Impact-Investing and Pay-for-success finance.

Tax money is set aside to create plans that use predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and wearable and screen-based technologies to monitor and track poor people to profit from their misery.

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Colin Ward and Melvin Webber quote:
Ward, Colin. “Anarchy in Action.” Chapter 6
PM Press, 2018.

Wrench In the Gears

- Pay for Success Finance Preys Upon The Poor: Presentation at Left Forum 6/29/19

- The Family Friendly Schools Act: A Set Up For “Soft Policing” Schools To Profit Impact Investors?

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Global Resilient Cities Network

Resilient Cities Catalyst

Center for Resilient Cities

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