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Can Americans save jobs via Protectionism, and can Free Trade deliver prosperity? Bryan Riley-Dir National Taxpayer Union's Free Trade Initiative
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Published 8 months ago |
America grew more than ever in the late 1800s when government barely existed, funded by a tiny tax on imports. To escape 1970s stagflation, Reagan and then Bush pursued cuts in tariffs, agreeing to international compromises and a World Trade Organization to enforce these agreements. Some industries gained while others lost, yet America overall grew tremendously since then. What about protectionism under Trump and now Biden?

The industrial jobs lost during the post-Reagan growth years led to Trump's repeal of international trade agreements. He replaced them with new arrangements but caused trade wars that Biden may continue. How fares the philosophy of Free Trade in the face of this new protectionism? What is the evidence for what happened and what best will revive our post-locked down economy?

Bryan Riley at the Heritage Foundation and now at NTU seeks rebirth in Free Trade faith, buoyed by the facts and promises of future prosperity. Voters are pulled in all directions on trade, goaded by xenophobia and fear of foreign exploiters - even of losing their livelihood. Listen to the discussion to get a better sense of the dynamics around the free exchange of goods.
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