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January Sixth Rally And Why It Will Fail (aka you're enemy has no fear of you)
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Beer and Gear
Published 3 months ago |
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The politicians aka the Elite aka "Your Leaders" have zero fear of any repercussions from the filthy peasants they rule over. As you watched them kowtow and allow actually seditionists and domestic terrorists burn cities to the ground because they feared retribution from them. They have nothing to fear from you. You have jobs, families and houses. You weren't paid by NGOs to rampage. They have/had logistical support and the patriots do not. The only reason the veteran who marched on Washington during the Great Depression won anything was the fact they already lost everything. They literally had nothing to lose by laying siege to the capitol. A one day protest is not the answer to this problem. I do not advocate violence against anyone. Since no one wants to do the leg work and vote out the Uniparty I fear it'll come to that before the Elites realize that the masses are unhappy with their " Let Them Eat Cake" attitudes. This is pretty funny for the people who so loved Les Miserbles to not pick up the correlation to the coming Reign Of Terror pt2.
Again I'm not advocating violence, I'm just pointing out the logical conclusion this path is leading to. Stay safe my friends.
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