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Epstein is dead, the Maxwell trial is over, yet worldwide child trafficking continues.. with the help of CPS!
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Published 9 months ago |
Anne Taydus, co-founder & VP, Virginians for Children First
Twitter: @domesticTARA

With every new “thing” in the media narrative, smart people belittle the distraction by reminding folks that Epstein and Maxwell remain an “elephant in the room”. If real journalists still existed they would press this blackmail conspiracy until the truth came out. Reporter Lara Logan had the goods, yet was fired before she could upset and compromise the elite.

Yet, years before Epstein’s name made the news, many American families had their children kidnapped by Child Protective Services, which has allegedly been feeding the trafficking. Advocates have blamed the federal Foster Care bonuses for the incentive to wreck families. One concerned senator who began investigating this pipeline… ended up dead. Does this explain why the Mainstream Media is a truth-free zone?

Graduating from Virginia Tech with a double major in Geopolitical War History and Electronic Print Journalism, Ms. Taydus has been exposing this war on our children – a war being waged by global agencies, federal legislation, and radical, left-wing teachers’ unions and associations.

Learning about algorithms and social media distortion, Ms. Taydus, an investigative journalist, dug for the truth no matter the consequences and ended up going to jail to protect her sources. As a person driven by principles, she was ultimately able to walk away, completely cleared.

Her organization, which has been making a name for itself by exposing local government abuse of students, is making an impact.
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