Brain Health and the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease - Professor Kenneth Kosik Shares his Insight and In-Depth Knowledge
128 views • 03/29/2021
How can mad cow disease give researchers an insight into Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia? Studies point to proteins and amino acids playing a major role in the process. Listen in to learn:

What makes an individual predisposed to Alzheimer's disease
The difference between healthy and unhealthy neurons 
How amyloid affects brain chemistry 

Kenneth Kosik, Harriman Professor of Neuroscience at UC Santa Barbara, discusses his research into neurodegenerative disease treatment. Amino acids can give clues to the next step in solving Alzheimer's. Finding the intermediary steps in Alzheimer's is very difficult, however, as only the end stage is realistically viewable. 

New research on the Colombian population may show a higher concentration of pre-Alzheimer's mutations and may help researchers in the future. Professor Kosik is planning his future research on furthering knowledge in these mutations. 

For more information, search the name Kenneth Kosik or feel free to email him personally.
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