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Published 2 years ago
UK figures

1253 deaths
888,196 adverse reactions

9582 cardiac
1044 anaphylaxis
12,684 blood disorders
19,475 infections
2961 herpes
90,738 headaches
14,089 eye disorders (some blind)
17,407 psychiatric
57,645 skin disorders
'1000s' of spontaneous abortions
12,478 vomiting
1035 facial paralysis
185,047 face swelling
185,474 nervous disorders
11,801 disturbance in consciousness
1774 strokes and hemorrhages
308 Guillain-Barre syndrome (can lead to paralysis)
26,473 dizziness
9827 tremors
4663 thrombosis & embolisms
30,595 respiratory disorders
2196 nose bleeds
1996 seizures
722 paralysis
3438 hemorrhages
6270 vertigo
7919 reproductive or breast disorders

The above are estimated only 10% of the actual number.

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