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** IS THIS THE END OF THE REPUBLIC? ** - It is time for those who wish to end this pervasive leftist onslaught to get off the sidelines.
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** Is This the End of the Republic? **
- American Greatness, Carpe Diem – 17/Oct/2021
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- It is time for those who wish to end this pervasive leftist onslaught to get off the sidelines.
e have a border crisis, an economic crisis, an energy crisis, a supply-chain crisis, a health crisis, a crime wave, a labor shortage, inflation, and stranded Americans still in Afghanistan. All of these problems were not only preventable, but were caused, created, worsened, aided, and abetted by a man in the White House who’s an ailing, doddering, senile, cognitively impaired buffoon spewing lies and incoherent sentences practically every time he speaks.
When former President Trump left office in January, border crossings had been down for eight consecutive months. But Joe Biden’s refusal to enforce our border laws, including ending the successful “Remain in Mexico” policy, and stopping the construction of the wall along our southern border, has resulted in the worst border crisis in at least two decades.
In September, U.S. Customs and Border Protection made 192,001 apprehensions along the southern border. Border agents arrested more than 1.7 million illegal border crossers in the fiscal year that ended in September. This after 208,000 migrants illegally crossed our border in August, and 212,000 migrants entered the country in July. And these are just the numbers of those who come into custody. Overall, border apprehensions are up almost 500 percent over last year.
But that’s not all.
We handed control of Afghanistan to middle-aged barbarians, watched helpless civilians fall from the sky, and as 13 U.S. military members senselessly died, hundreds of Americans were left stranded, $85 billion worth of weaponry and other military hardware was left behind for the Taliban—and the Biden Administration lauded the debacle as a massive success.
As I write, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the secretary of state, the secretary of defense, and the national security advisor have more job security than unvaccinated police officers, firefighters, teachers, doctors, nurses, flight attendants, or Kyrie Irving.
We have a federal government that is actively seeking to undermine the interests of the people of this country. It weaponizes the FBI to investigate parents who don’t want their children to be indoctrinated with revisionist history and classifies them as “domestic terrorists.” A mere 48 hours before a judge ruled that a transgender teenager sexually assaulted a female student in a Loudoun County high school in May, former President Barack Obama said of outraged parents: “We don’t have time to be wasting on these phony trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage that right-wing media peddles to juice their ratings.”
We have a vice president who was put in charge of immigration policy, put in charge of the fledgling Space Force, but who is instead AWOL on those tasks while lecturing us about equity, gender equality, climate change, the root causes of the immigration crisis, and participates in scripted theatrical events that make her come across as even more unlikeable.
We have a press secretary who has redefined the term “gaslighting” and spins a web of misinformation and obfuscation, while she condescendingly scoffs and smirks in the rare instances when she’s asked legitimate questions. She gets a pass for “circling back” to protect her barely cognizant boss from a sycophantic press.
We have Big Tech “fact-checkers” that censor the truth about Hunter Biden’s corruption, deplatform Donald Trump, and limit freedom of expression while mainstreaming conspiracy theories and propaganda and assisting members of the Taliban and the Ayatollah in spewing their anti-American, anti-Israel vitriol. Little do they know that Trump’s Big Tech exile has only increased his popularity.
We have a corrupt, deceitful, propagandist, spineless, socialist corporate media that actively works to divide the country, and advocates for every single position the ruling class in Washington tells us will save our country from going under. Even as one policy disaster after another piles up from this White House, and blue state governors, the Fourth Estate doubles down, and tells us we need more of these experts to make decisions for us that will only further decimate our economy, create lawlessness, increase poverty, and lower the standard of living.
These economically illiterate Marxists tell us there’s no reason why we should not raise the debt limit, and no way to overheat our flailing economy, but plenty of room for more unlimited socialist spending. They echo the fool in the Oval Office who tells us that $3.5 trillion costs zero dollars, not $3.5 trillion. They tell us that taxing the hell out of billionaires, punishing job creators, and massive price increases in the form of gas, meat, poultry, appliances, and cars are not really a problem for working-class Americans.
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