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Bam! What You Don't Hear About Fist Bumping
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Published 8 months ago |
What was once second nature has now become a hesitant, sometimes awkward moment when greeting people... Have you heard much about the energy exchange between people depending on the type & duration of contact between them? it's an important element in human interaction that has fallen since the rona world order.. That's what we're getting into in this video which could give you some ideas about it all that you might not have considered before.. Of course more can be said about these things and introspected deeper in regards to energy.. i do these videos pretty much on the fly, so i don't have any notes prepared about the subjects, altho significant thought & research has been given to what i present, which is standard for these walk & talks

The french cheek kisses (les bisous) is something contradictory in this covid conundrum quagmire.. and i see faces saturated in their own germs due to wearing a mask all day, lowering their masks to touch cheeks with their friends..
according to the germ theory, they're spreading more germs than people who don't wear masks

don't gimme that "hand gel can make it handshakes safer" jargon cuz 1- a lot of these handgels have harmful ingredients, 2- all of them kill the good bacteria on your skin, 3- is based on germ theory myths... the handgel for me represents (in part) one of the high commodities in the satanic sanitization of the world... i'm not saying handgel should never be used under any circumstance, but i would favor anything else besides that to clean my hands and refuse places that try to administer it to you upon entry

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