60 views • 09/01/2022

There are few things that I know to be absolute. One of them being, “no human person has the right to impose their will onto another human person.” There are no exceptions to this truth. There’s no explanation in existence that could ever justify it. This is the truth. However, our modern society in its arrogance, has devolved to a state where we believe ourselves to be the architects of what is truth and what is not. Like petulant spoiled children we fancy ourselves free from the constraints of reality for no other reason than whim. We, all of us, are the new gods and we demand tribute and worship. But if we are all gods, then who is left to pay tribute? Who will worship us? The answer is simple, “WE SHALL WORSHIP OURSELVES”. We will sacrifice our moral compass for impulses set ablaze by desire and let that lust guide us into a new utopia where hedonism will satiate our longing for purpose. This reimagined world built on lies and debauchery offer no purpose beyond gratification in the present. In fact, it offers no past and no future at all, just fleeting moments of gratuitous pleasure loosely strung together to resemble a life. The lies provide no comfort no answers for the suffering that is the constant companion to life itself. The temporary heights are overshadowed by the seemingly unending lows. The only available prescription for the overwhelming pain is yet another hit from that hedonistic crack pipe. This is the utopia you want? Really?! It must be, because this is what you are being sold and this is what you are betraying your neighbor, your country and your family to purchase. It would seem that you have no aversion to self destruction as long as you can drink, smoke, inject, and engage in sexual intercourse whenever, where ever, a with whomever you choose - with no consequence. This progressive utopia will make slaves of us all and if you are a slave can you really consider yourself a god?


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