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The 2024 Tidal Event Are You Ready for the Disruption?
Published 16 days ago

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Original Patreon / Subscribestar presentation of the October 2024 Event and what may be expected with higher tides around that time with historical references leaving clues that this gas giant square alignment is something that changes civilizations. Join me on Patreon / Subscribestar as I bring more original content to put timelines on the changes we are seeing across the planet.

0:40: Impending tidal event triggers concerns about global disruptions and shipping delays.

5:16: Decoding a 3,000-year cycle encoded in ancient texts and its relevance to the future.

8:47: Celestial bodies protection through electromagnetic fields, encoded planetary information hidden in plain sight.

12:57: Unveiling hidden codes in ancient artwork depicting celestial bodies and their significance.

17:18: Discussion on historical paintings and maps as sources of information, with a focus on electromagnetic fields and disruptions in coastal areas.

21:49: Celestial Crossings and planetary impacts on Earth discussed in historical context.

25:43: The concept of missing time in history due to zodiac signs and symbols.

30:03: Verona's changing landscape over centuries raises questions about geological shifts.

34:42: Ancient civilization's amphitheater and restoration project reveal advanced technology.

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