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The Purpose of Non-interference
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The Purpose of Non-interference

We can tell you that, at present,
there in fact is a divine admonition
for non-interference by extraterrestrials
who are of the benevolent sort.
And the reason is to allow the humans
to carry the load,
as was the intention of this undertaking
from the very beginning.
This serves humanity in the end because
it is no different than engaging in a race
to see who can run the fastest,
but then at the final stretch
coming in and giving someone a motor scooter
to ride and they become the winner.
And so that would subvert the gain,
would subvert the true meaning
and accomplishment of going the distance,
and creating the heaven on earth
that is the future intention here.
So the benevolent extraterrestrials
are doing some things behind-the-scenes
in a higher level operation,
to begin to affect the electromagnetic
grid of earth for example,
to remove some of the suppression,
but not to partner directly
with humans as allies in a physical sense.

And so, at the moment,
this is a very, very, clear dividing line between
who is trustworthy and who is not.
Any physical alien you encounter will be
an imposter pretending to be a being of light
or assistance for the benefit of humanity,
but engaging in a falsehood.

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