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Colbert Jokes About Illuminati Depopulation in 2007! (1:44)
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Did Stephen Colbert actually joke about the Illuminati, pizza, bio-warfare and depopulation in 2007?

Yes. You can watch it here for yourself.

Stephen has a ridiculous, obviously paid promotion for "Pizza Hut" in the middle of this short bit.

Hmm. Pizza. Why that particular food product? Did they ever expect anyone to look into this?

Watching this and realizing it was 13 years before Covid and 9 years before PZG may very well change your life.

If you want to see the original, for right now it is still here:

This replaces an earlier upload that had audio sync problems.

Here is the complete transcript:

Nation, before we go, I want to talk about something.

There was a story on Netscape today by a writer named Benjamin Fulford, who quit his job at Forbes after they refused to run a piece he wrote that was critical of one of their advertisers.

Now I’m with Forbes Magazine on this one. You do not bite the hand that feeds you —

Unless, of course, that hand is made of Pizza Hut’s new Pizzone —

With over a pound of cheese, pepperoni, and a crispy crust that fits right into the hand you shouldn’t otherwise be biting.

Now, Fulford is accusing the Illuminati, the secret society that controls the world, of planning to depopulate the Earth.

Now normally I would ignore this kind of raving from an obscure hack.

But, there is one reason why I want to talk about it: The possibility that the Illuminati might let me join.

Masters of the Temple, please let me in! I tried every crazy handshake I could think of when I met President Bush.

You would not believe what I’m doing with my fingers here.

And I’ve got some great ideas about depopulating the Earth.

There has never been a better time to put me in charge of the destiny of mankind.

I will await your answer, every night for the next month, in the exact center of the Brooklyn Bridge —

Whose cables, by the way, are in the same geometric ratio as the sides of the Pyramid of Giza.

[Laughing:] I see patterns where none exist.

Until then… Is this it? [Gestures with his hands.]

Ewige blumenkraft! [Translation: “Eternal Flower Power!”] Good night.

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