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Electrophonic Users Guide ++++ Little Sister
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Operation Uplift
Published 7 months ago |
My Best Friend and I have a band together called Electrophonic Users Guide. This is a song from the 2013 album " Hand Shoes in the Pants Bag ". it is a song that any older brother has for His younger sister. It features pictures of His Little Sister, and Mine, and ends with a photo of My Oldest Son, with His Little Sister sitting in a milk crate making a funny face. My little sister is a full-grown Woman now, but I will allways remember the day My Mother and Father (rest His soul ) brought Her home from the hospital.
Any Man who is even remotely worth His weight in shit will love His Family more than He loves Himself. I present this song to the World with an Open Heart. If You want to make a smart-ass, or gutter-minded comment about Me and Mine, I invite You to go fuck Yourself, right Here, and right Now
Love, Phillip William Swisher

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