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Ronald Bernard - Bankers were my Clients in the World Financial Structure, Dark Belief Systems, Use of Child Sacrifice, and Who runs the World.
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Deception is Not True Consent
Published 6 months ago |
This video covers topics essential to understanding the globalist, ruling class, world financial structure, dark belief systems, use of child sacrifice and methods used to maintain this predatory culture - Intelligence Agencies turn out to be the criminal organizations - basically creating a lot of misery in this world lots of conflict and if only people knew what the world is really like secret services will stop at nothing so the entire world is just an illusion. (and, E.S.F. turned US Government into a Worldwide Criminal Organization
and Snowden leaked in 2013 NSA Top Secret program - code traveller tracking and how Five Eyes Nations monitor every aspect of Human Life – this proves only they the NSA could control this Evil as in “THE EYES OF THE DEVIL” -
They have NO Rule of Law for their devil’s game to destroy humanity, violating creation and Laws of creation of 3rd dimension and we have (Illegal Patents) - CDC Holds 100% of all Patents of Corona Virus, its Detection and Kits to Detect the Virus for the Corona virus hoax to change human DNA with the Gene Code Injection

The Controller on Earth knows the game was over from day one as shown at website.
BankingBISBlackmailChild TraffickingFive Eyes nationsIlluminatiNSASurveillanceThe Devils Eyes

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