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Doctors vs Grifters - Facts vs Fiction & Biden's Dark Winter
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Published 6 months ago |
Straight Shooting News - 12 19 2021
Doctors vs Grifters - Facts vs Fiction

Mainstream News Media is selling 24-hour fear porn over the new variant of this years’ new flu: omicron. Demands for mandates, masking, distancing, forced jabs – anything to stop people from being able to work for a living or be able to eat in a restaurant, or even shop for food,

Nature has given humanity the greatest gift of all: natural vaccines and immunity.

Biden addresses the nation on Tuesday, December 21 (winter solstice), where we can expect him to announce the next phase of plans to move the human race into global tyranny/slavery. Will it be “Winter Death”, on our darkest day? Possibly the USA will have more lockdowns, suspending ‘unnecessary travel, etc.

Let’s get on to the facts and the frauds …

Omicron variant is more contagious, and less deadly, similar to a severe cold, and has been called nature’s Natural Vaccine to end this COVID virus, and end tyranny!

This show highlights some of the doctors and virologists who are exposing the truth, exposing the grifter who promote plans for global control and tyranny!

First clip: Laura Ingraham with Dr. Harvey Risch, and Dr. Malone who is one of the major developers the mRNA Vaccines.

What Did We Just Hear about Omicron?
Masks Don’t Work
Airplanes are the safest place, because Air Filtration
Media Building up Fear
Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale University an Epidemiology Professor Spoke about Real Science
Dr. Malone Clinical Researcher agrees on Therapeutic Remedies
Studies being used are flawed
Malone spoke with Bath University “Studies were designed to fail
Omicron only ten deaths worldwide
Vaccine Definition was changed, Fauci careful with his words
Vaxes are Useless
Christmas Present Virus shifted to be like a common cold

Other clips and commentary:
Dr. Bridle


African Reporter
Is the White House covering up the FACTS from Africa where there is no deaths from Omicron?

Campus Lockdowns
Boosterism/Booster Brain Bug
Young Healthy Students being forced to take boosters or cannot return
Vaxes do not prevent transmission right from the CDC Walensky

Dr. Hemmati
Lockdowns didn’t work.
Omicron is not causing deaths or hospitalizations; it’s a like a cold
No more restrictions! More Biden Lies
Viruses Mutate Again! Vaxes don’t work
Therapeutics and Vitamins

Dr. Professor Todd J. Zywicki
Risk and Health Benefits
Again vaxes don’t work

A more hard hitting piece from independent media, Stew Peters:
Fauci Patient: Vaxxed Induced Aids
Boosters and Fauci and AIDS
Unstable virus are being injected into children
Sexual or Blood Transfusions caused HIV/AIDS

What do you think is coming this Tuesday from Biden’s coming announcement?
See Part Two for more on what is being done, and what must be done, and ask why this is happening?
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