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Sick Sytematic Satanic LGBTQIA+ Pedophile Transgender Propaganda On Fox News! [17.06.2022]
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Kim Osbøl - Copenhagen Denmark
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ATTENTION! IF YOU wanna see ALL the videos I share, you have to go to my Bitchute channel -> <- after brighteon's last 'update' some weeks ago, I can not anymore upload everything as I could before, maybe 3 out of 10 videos goes through and are being 'accepted' (another PSYOP, so much for brighteos 'Freedom Of Speech) - I send an email to their support (you can see and read it here and screenshot here but I never got an answer...- Thinks are 'connected' and There is NO such thing as a 'Coincidence'!

--Thinks are 'connected', follow the Fucking Money and There is NO such thing as a 'Coincidence'!The Psychopathic Satanic Pedophile LGBTQIA+ Agenda: 'We're Comming For your Children"'


Predictive Programming (MKultra)

Social Engineering

Subliminal Messages:

Trauma Based Mind Control 101:

Satanic Symbolism:

Mass Psychosis:

Cognitive Dissonance:

What is Doublespeak NPM- and NewSpeak?: Professor William Lutz C-SPAN Interview [1989]:

Controlled Opposition:


Pharmacia (Sorcery disguised as Medicine):

'Virus' -> The name is from a Latin word meaning (“poison, slime, venom”)

MrE: What is Trauma- and Torture Based Mind Control MK-Ultra Programming ?

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Keith and Kevin Hodge, aka the Hodgetwins, are famously known for their comedic commentary regarding politics, fitness tips, and relationship advice across their several YouTube channels!

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