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David Icke Speaks Against Fascism And He Speaks For Freedom
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Published 2 months ago |
Listen to the funny explanation by David Icke as he explains the high intelligence of the Corona virus and then goes on to explain the real evil disease and the goals of this evil disease.

The long term plans of the globalists, the Nazi's, the communists, the Elites, the Illuminate's, the New World Order all of which are basically the same people that have the goal of controlling the whole world and bringing all of us into submission and to eventually eliminate us with an early death by various means to depopulate the world. Research the goals engraved on the Georgia guide stones and the sayings of some of these elites over the past several years and decades to know their intentions for you and me and everyone else. They are essentially all Satanists and follow his will which leads to destruction and death. Therefore seek the Truth and follow it all the way home.

What David Icke says in this video he could have said yesterday because it is that relevant so please share this with everyone because he gives a simple solution for all of us in the world which will work if all of us take his advise.
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