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Published 7 months ago

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The United States appears to have fallen victim to predictable tyranny of Banana Republics. Caused by corrupt justice, police, media, banking, and government officials, and an insurgent CIA, the wicked have taken hold of the country, using their power to unjustly enrich themselves while exploiting the resources of the nation. We citizens feel powerless to challenge the broken system, as those who do so end up disappearing or being charged with a laundry list of trumped up charges. Injustice and poverty are running rampant.

To overcome this doom, We The People must come together and make a stand for peace and justice against this corrupt regime. Open dialogue and respectful protests are necessary to peacefully overthrow the system of oppression, despite the fear of retribution from the powerful oppressors. And where crooked Feds insert themselves wearing fake MAGA costumes, we must point them out for all to see and shame.

As Banana Republics grow in inertia and strength, the ever-increasing presence of paramilitary police and privately armed militia (ANTIFA, MS13) forces start to make an appearance. They use brute force to silence dissent, and it has become commonplace to hear of extra-judicial detainment, disappearances and public displays of killings and torture of those who oppose the regime begin to infiltrate our daily experience. Carjackings and random killings - kidnappings - become commonplace.

In addition to oppressive forces, rampant disease has spread through the land. The regime's negligence has allowed for limited access to medical treatment and prevention, and poor economic conditions have only exacerbated the problem. Despite the regime's oppressive measures, the people of the United States have not given up hope. They continue to fight for justice, for freedom, and for equality. Their resilience is the only thing that can bring the nation out of the depths of chaos and into a more equitable future. With unity comes strength, and it is only through collective action that the people can work to topple the oppressive regime and allow for a brighter future.




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