Manufactured Food Shortage: Even MORE "Coincidences" Keep Happening at Food Plants and Bird Farms Across America
13137 views • 05/04/2022
Prepare Your Family Today:

When a Twitter DM came in from someone at a corporate media juggernaut, I knew what the topic would be before even reading it. For the last couple of weeks, we've been hit hard for exposing the inexplicable number of "coincidences" happening to our food infrastructure. From late night food processing plant fires and explosions to bird flu that keeps popping up hundreds of miles from the last outbreaks to decisions made by food companies that make no sense considering the state of the economy, the series of events keep happening.

Or, as Jeff Thompson at The Organic Prepper noted in an article at The Organic Prepper, the hits keep coming.

The journalist I spoke to claimed to be "investigating" the string of events, but just as fact checkers and other corporate journalists have continuously reported over the last couple of weeks, I knew that this was going to be another attempt to debunk the notion that the powers-that-be are manufacturing the food crisis in America and across the globe. But even this journalist was noticeably surprised at the coincidences that I laid out for her, claiming that she would have to verify certain things that she didn't know before. These things included the properly placed explosions and fires that seem indicative of sabotage rather than coincidence, the fact that they seem to only happen at night when the most damage can be done, or the demonstrable fact that we have had more "accidents" in the last few weeks than the previous decade combined.

Corporate media is selling the idea that we are just more aware of the industrial accidents today in light of inflation but that they've been happening all along. This is a bald-faced lie. Corporate and local media will report on industrial accidents whether there's an inflation issue or not, so either the accidents in the past were oddly ignored or they didn't happen at the frequency we're seeing today.

On the latest episode of The Midnight Sentinel, I discussed the story below by Thompson. I then brought on my lovely, brilliant, and talented  co-host and wife to discuss some of the things we're doing with dehydrated food to prepare for massive food shortages. The final segment I went over a recent admission by mainstream scientists about vaccine shedding. We were called conspiracy theorists last year for discussing it. Now university scientists are proving that we were correct.
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