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Dr. Andreas Noack German expert says Graphene 'razor blades' found in the COVID vaxxine
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Published a year ago |
This man has great credentials and is warning about the damage of graphene hydroxide in the vaxxines. I edited the original video down to just his speaking.

Unfortunately, he was murdered 4 days after the original video was produced. That right there shows how much of a threat this information is to the powers that be.

this is the leading expert on graphene hydroxide in Germany and Austria. who did his PhD thesis on converting graphene oxide to graphene hydroxide and worked for the world's largest manufacturer of related+ products managing new product development.
he obviously knows what he's talking about.
the fact that he was murdered 4 days after the video was released is a clear sign that he was a threat to the dark forces.
and guess what...
you're 22 times more likely to die of COVID-19 in the US than in the 6 poorest African countries that use ivermectin weekly to prevent river blindness.
it's the public health officials that did everything in their power to suppress the use of ivermectin and preventative like Vitamin D that are responsible for the deaths of millions.
And Fauci is the Godfather of this pandemic from the get-go.... And if you think this one was bad, just wait until they cook up the next one in the lab.
you let them get away with murdering JFK, RFK, MLK. Malcolm. murder 10s of millions in black op wars and coups, 911, countless engineered financial crises, etc..
you swallowed their bill shut 100 percent and failed to demand accountability or justice because it wasn't you paying the price.
Well, now you have a taste of your comeuppance. now you get a feel for what blacks and native Americans have been dealing with for 400 years.
And you still can't see it... those lies about WMD s cost 600,000 Innocent lives and 2.4 trillion and there wasn't even a congressional hearing about where the intelligence went wrong.
how easy it is to fool the American people. just repeat the lie over and over, scare them with some false flag or biological weapon and they rollover.
that's what you did...
nit me buddy. And I won't shut up about it. the truth needs telling... someone has to do it
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