Policing The Corona State by Tony Farrell
350 views • 08/08/2021
Tony Farrell is in Gibraltar calling for the arrests of Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and Former Public Health Director Sohail Bhatti and their accomplices for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

In this 23-minute interview, Farrell – aka Martin SleuthER – discusses his report, “SleuthER’s 95 Theses: Policing The Corona State” that he submitted to the Governor of Gibraltar David Steel and the Royal Gibraltar Police Commissioner Richard Ullger on July 7, 2021.

For three years now, Farrell has been stationed on The Rock to help the Gibraltar Messenger expose corruption in Gibraltar. And he has done so as a friendly critic of the Royal Gibraltar Police, whom he continually encourages to do the right thing. And currently, he is encouraging them to arrest the real local perpetrators of the Covid19 Plandemic scam.

As the former Principal Intelligence Analyst of South Yorkshire Police in Sheffield, England, Farrell became known as a whistleblower about the 7/7 London Bombing False Flag police construct. He knows on a personal level what it takes to go against the official narrative; and he hopes that the Royal Gibraltar Police follow suit in bringing this Covid19 false construct to a close.

Farrell goes no-holds-barred on what is happening in the world and in Gibraltar, with the current bioterrorism and psychological warfare being perpetrated against Britons and Gibraltarians alike. He names names and calls a spade a spade.

As a disciple of Christ, Farrell conveys His message – the demand for their arrests according to God’s Law.

The video includes the reading of the cover letter to Police Commissioner Ullger; an explanation of the 4-part report; a stand-and-deliver montage of the pages of the report highlighting the 95 points; his call to action; as well as a bit of background on his time on The Rock.

“SleuthER’s 95 Theses – Policing The Corona State” can be read at this link:

Crimes Against Humanity Committed in Gibraltar – Christ demands that the RGP Commissioner and Governor Arrest and Prosecute the Perpetrators – https://defending-gibraltar.net/t/crimes-against-humanity-committed-in-gibraltar-christ-demands-that-the-rgp-commissioner-and-governor-arrest-and-prosecute-the-perpetrators/1929

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