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The Yellow Star July 1, 2020 By Anna Von Reitz
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The Yellow Star July 1, 2020 By Anna Von Reitz

While the Nazis were softening up Europe for the Holocaust and inch by inch destroying all sense of moral compass, one of the things they did was to separate out and identify the Jewish Community by mandating that all Jews sew a yellow Star of David on their coat sleeves and dresses.

This then made Jews readily identifiable as a separate group in each community, just as Black Americans are readily identifiable as a separate group based on color of skin.

Having identified the Separate Group, the Nazis next set their chosen Separate Group up to serve as scapegoats for their own failings. When the Nazi Regime borrowed immense amounts of money from Jewish investors, and were then unwilling to pay them back, they blamed the victims while acting as criminals themselves.

That is, they blamed the Jews, because they stole the Jews' investment money. They blamed the victims and murdered their Priority Creditors by the busload.

That is the same thing that they intended to do here, in America, with only the slight twist that instead of borrowing hard assets and asset-backed money, here they "borrowed" our credit by a stealthy process of "hypothecating debt" against our assets.

They did this the same way that a credit card hacker does -- by impersonating you, stealing your data, and making charges against your credit without your knowledge or permission.

And now those bills are due, and they are guilty of the crime, and they want a scapegoat. They want to blame the American States and People for their own crimes against us. And we are saying, what ho?

So they use trusted members of our community (just as they used the Jewish Rabbis) to identify us using a "Yellow Star" ---- only this time the trusted traitors are Medical Doctors that these fiends have illegally conscripted and illegally licensed as "Uniformed Officers" under Federal Code Title 37, and then forced them to participate in this gigantic Covid-19 Hoax under pain of Dereliction of Duty and Insubordination and loss of their license to practice medicine.

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