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Odin Baby (Santa Parody). Let's Drink Mead in Valhalla Tonight
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Sergeant Schultz
Published 2 years ago |
Sung by Sara Nade . Crackling Campfire by Virtual Fireplace (TM).
Lyrics: Odin Baby, slips and wisdom under the tree for me ...
Let's drink mead in Valhalla tonight.
Odin Baby, I'm used for writing poetry too, I'm blue ...
Let's drink mead in Valhalla tonight.

Allfather Odin -
Heretic Jesus -
Gnostic Archons -
Occult Psychopathy -
Drower, E.S. - A Study in Nasoraean Gnosis

The other day, I put on some cartoons for my son to watch while he ate his breakfast. As he sat watching whatever “kid friendly” looking title I found in the netflix cue, I went to make myself a plate. From the kitchen I could hear the characters on the television having a dialog. “Do you know who Santa really is? He was a real person named Saint Nicholas” said the little boy to his animated friends. The program went on to explain that Saint Nicholas, from 4th century Turkey, would carry a sack from which he would give children gifts. If a child was bad he would give the child sticks instead. When the Dutch adopted Saint Nicholas as their Patron saint and then came to America, they brought the story of Kris Kringle with them and that evolved into present day Santa Clause. Recognizing the cues of a evangelical propaganda piece, I quickly switched the program to Sponge Bob, annoyed that such an overt lie could be fed to children in such a nefarious way.

The makers of the revisionist tale obviously are aiming to “remind” its young and impressionable viewers that their plagiarized and made-up god, and all of it’s ephemeral fairy tales are the “true meaning of Christmas”. Despite several centuries or repetition, this tale remains untrue and is nothing but an invention by Christians to legitimize their plagiarisms of Heathen lore. The Christian named Nicholas of Myra was a Greek Bishop in Lycia, now part of modern day Turkey. At the time Lycia was a Hellenic colony in the Roman province of Asia. Nicholas was reputed to have been a secret gift giver who left coins in the shoes of those who left them out for him. He lived from 260 ’till his death on December 6th, 343 C.E.. After he was canonized as “Saint Nicholas”, his feast day was attributed to the anniversary of his death. Somehow, we are to believe that over the course of 2,000 years, a guy putting drachmas in shoes morphed into a jolly man with a white beard who flew eight reindeer through the winter sky to deliver gifts on the eve of the Solstice. There is no attempt to explain why pine trees, wreaths, snow, and the north pole became associated with someone from Turkey. Instead, we are told that Santa Clause is a modern invention of commercial retailers who perverted the true “father Christmas”. That Saint Nicholas of Myra’s “feast day” happens within the same month as Christmas and that he handed out gifts is all the evidence necessary to prove that Santa Clause is a crude caricature of the good Saint. At least, it is adequate evidence to children watching their favorite characters explain it. In northern Europe, particularly among the Germanic and Scandinavian tribes, there was a different gift giver: Odin.

It has always fascinated me to hear reports from people who have met Odin personally. Then I read in this german blog ( of an enlightened person about the role of Odin for all mankind in the end times we are now experiencing. His contribution to our liberation is said to be crucial. It is mentioned that the only ones who would have a chance for ascension would be those who are in Buddha and Odin (of all gods). Not those in Jesus interestingly, but those in the Christos-Logos. Wrathful Wotan became wise Odin, so he is capable with his empowered masculine energy of successfully stopping the archontic counterforces. His connection to John the Baptist (see the Mandaeans and the Templars and Merlin provide him with divine guidance from the Most High. In the end he shall even kill Leviathan, the demonic Oroboros around our solar system, and thus free mankind.That is why I collected all the encounters with Odin from all over the Internet and summarized them in this compilation:

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