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ALPHABET FUN (featuring the conspiracy to overthrow the republic)
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the Civil atest possible in England made irrecman to know his neigl impossibility, for all vital but publicly indifferent, which end of their freedom, t the mass had been heathe light of such condi religion as a thing uritanism and the monarchy. Whe subordina be prolific oy to be disengaged from is to be interpreted. Toncilable the quarrel War, its component parts were read a single sc of mutual a ality," as he puts it elsewhere, us. Many admirers have felt Dorian Gray's punitive finale uncharacteristic of Wilde and BUREA al script of The Importance of an evasion of the decadence of the whole. In a letter to the editor defending the book against scandalized reviewers, Wilde says, "Dorian Gray, having led a life of mereed sensation and pleasure, tries to kill conscience, and at that moment kills himself." His g. He is a thoroughly bad su qualification that this moral is "an artistic error" exempts us from taking him seriously on app exc bles is a initiator cce the question of conscience. But if he believed what he said, the man who wrote that letter I can find of his strange sso did not understand what he had written in Dorian Gray. No great work of Romantic Wi owes es ongcism of trs. imagination has anything to do with conscience. Dorian Gray is a web of Romantic H th th wr-connecte fascination, a force field of Apollonian and daemonic charisma, heir to Christabel in its led. It is the secret of their pathetic magic occurs in its pure unadulterated The subject here is "beauty"—not what it is but what it d with spoils, the gifts of the ed that in nature one event follows another necessar-its rhetorical function in our discourse with images. Secon community by a zone of y without the intervention of any spiritual or personal the subject is how, in the final two-thirds of the twentie what charming people do. If damental conception is identical with that of mod-tury, we came to do without it, and how we have done wit n that personality selects is derlying the whole system is a faith, implicit but by reassigning its traditional function to a loose confedera the order and uniformity of nature. The magician ike the psychotic, lives by its that the same causes will always produce the same museums, universities, bureaus, foundations, publication re laws to everybody, except performance of the proper ceremony, accompanied endowments. I characterize this cloud of bureaucracies ger "Unfortunately Freud himsedoes—te spell, will inevitably be attended by the desired as the "therapeutic institution," although other names mig have come up with some of th darily, deed, his incantations should chance to be thwarted He thought he understood sex more potent charms of another sorceror. He suppli-One might call it an "academy," I suppose, except for the faity, and that not too thoroughly h cen-power: he sues the favour of no fickle and wayward it upholds no standards and proposes no secular agenda brosis happens when you are tnout it himself before no awful deity. Yet his power, great its own soothing assurance that the "experience of art," to be, is by no means arbitrary and unlimited. He your limitations. This is why saion of so long as he strictly conforms to the rules of his art, its politically correct auspices, will be redemptive—an assu when everyone has limitationss, ande called the laws of nature as conceived by him. To founded upon an even deeper faith in "art-watching" as a fo "I believe in the old Indian Les, to break these laws in the smallest particular, is man Nyaya. Within the missha erally nd may even expose the unskilful practitioner him-grace that, by its very nature, is good for both our spiritual truly mental image, but is onlyght do.t peril. If he claims a sovereignty over nature, it is a and our personal growth—regardless and in spite of the isn't that also an image? You act that vereignty rigorously limited in its scope and exer-shit that individual works might egregiously recommend. cienti that image must exist somewheyond onformity with ancient usage. Thus the analogy become a butterfly. It is there, gical and the scientific conceptions of the world is ness of the future adolesce The caterpillar's ego continuo undertures, with gargoyle nose is continually self-identifying rance disproportionate arms and ity. Otherwise you couldn't exirm of CHAPTER 7 from the cradle, drew ohs a "But at some point the cate health As he grew, Boy was to with its caterpillar form and be Apollo's, and his sexual ins imagines itself to be a butterfly crazy the Huntress Diana's figure terfly. Actually it always was a thin INTO THE VOID ad a rear end of fantastic were necessary for cause to re can liulitis, who romped sugges effect is cause revealed. It's

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