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The Knights of Malta - Who are they - SHOCKING which Christian leaders are involved 7772666
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If you are a believer in Jesus, then you must know this information!
There is a reason the book called, "BILLY GRAHAM AND HIS FRIENDS: A HIDDEN AGENDA" By Cathy Burns is so hard to find:;_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=billy+graham+and+his+friends+by+cathy+burns&_sacat=0

It exposes COUNTLESS so-called Christian leaders and their connections to Secret Societies, The Vatican, Jesuits, Freemasons, Occult Beliefs and Practices, the Communist Party, etc., etc....
You will be amazed that pretty much every famous name you know in Christianity is in some way involved and connected, and has been most of their lives, and KNOWINGLY SERVE LUCIFER.

THEIR MISSION, dilute the truth of the scriptures with witchcraft and pagan occult rituals and beliefs, completely corrupt the Gospel and Doctrine of Jesus, and ultimately move all Christian denominations into ONE UNIVERSAL Church under the rule of the Vatican(the Latin word for universal is "Catholic"), which is the professed religion and leadership structure of the United Nations and the New World Order (Great Reset). They have successfully infiltrated every leadership structure of every denomination and have nearly reached their goals. (Fundamentalist BIBLE Believing Christions are NOT invited...)

Think I'm kidding, read the book, and validate the sources(makes up about 25% of the volume of the book) - it will FLOOR YOU!

I promise you that if you have never done the following, then most of what you blindly believe about Jesus and the scriptures is likely riddled with deception and error.
STOP getting your doctrine from mere men and women, it's your responsibility to diligently study the scriptures in prayer, in context and in the name of Jesus(Yehushua) - deeply desiring the pure TRUTH regardless of the cost to you; and He will show you. Make the neccessary changes, and He will bless you.


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