Quantum Physics of Freedom, 6G(randfathers), Eagle OAth
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Quantum Physics of Freedom, 6G(randfathers), Eagle OAth- Be Prepared, or be scared! I swore I would be here to help you, United States and WE the PEOPLE, in a time of need, and I'm doing my best. I could have just ignored all this digital stuff, like I had been, while working in landscapes, gardens, and greenhouses, but no. Got a podcast or video show? I'd be glad to guest on it.

Wisdom of sages and ages, Native American 6 Grandfathers. Popping the QWF Quantum Wave Function (observer) referenced- movie ('04) "What the bleep do we know?", book "The Simpsons and Philosophy". E=M^5/C

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IMO, being infected with germs and parasites is a self-defense matter of invasive pests and should be treated as such. #PestControl Modern Western medicine is unequipped to handle biological warfare, #5GW victims of 5th-generation warfare including military-level attacks from terrorist sleeper cells already within our borders. Heck, they even wrote it into policy! See for yourself in your 2024 policy, also shown and described in depth in my video "Foreseen Unforeseen Sensitive Events- Insured, Assured, or Not?"

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#EarthAlliance #FTW #MEGA #WINNING #107

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