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Newsbreak 153: Unlawful Psych Kidnap and Hold of UK Activist Simon Parry for No Crime
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Published 2 years ago

Informative discussion with :Andrew: Devine and Wendy, a supporter of Simon Parry, a COVID Freedom Convoy activist who was unlawfully arrested by an overwhelming number of London Metropolitan Police in April 2022, accused falsely of making malicious phone calls and threats towards MPs then incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital first for 72 hours and then for six months, as well as forcibly medicated, while his lawyer has failed to act to free him and no information exists as to what the police charges really are, what they are based on, where the evidence is to support these charges if they exist, etc.

Going back to the beginning to obtain all data – conversations with police at time of arrest, police reports etc – to determine on what basis police claims were made is vital, notes Andrew, since it is that which needs to be challenged. Police are making these arbitrary and malicious arrests—similar to the unlawful psych-hold-arrest of journalist and writer Ramola D in April 2022 with no written claim, no police report, no evidence of “mental issues”--using the “legal fiction” of the ALL CAPS NAME, which they impose an adhesion contract to when you answer to the name (In Ramola's case, it was her oblivious husband who ignorantly gave her Name to unlawfully-acting Quincy Police despite her continued stating of her status as living woman, state national, not under their jurisdiction; police still had no business getting her Name from him and relying on it, given clear statement of her established political status outside their jurisdiction: like Simon's it was a malicious arrest for no cause, and completely illegal and unlawful both.) In Simon's case, he is being incarcerated on that Name—when in actuality they are contracting with his Birth Certificate which carries his Name.

Police units are corporations which can only contract with another corporation—hence the recourse to the Legal Name which is a Corporation Name—and police cannot arrest anyone for any reason if there is no evidence of a crime. In the case of Simon Parry, there is no evidence of any crime. Why then did his lawyer not apply Habeas Corpus, questions :Andrew. No victim, no crime.

Simon Parry stood out because he is an activist who was questioning police directly on their inaction regarding crimes against children, pedophilia among politicians, etc. reports Wendy. Police in London are currently being investigated under “special measures” as per recent news, a situation which retired police constable Mark Sexton has viewed as positive, given his letters to police asking them to investigate COVID-vaccine crimes which all politicians and media are guilty for executing (story at While it remains to be seen whether Met Police will arrest politicians and media or even investigate the COVID-vaccine crimes, Simon Parry like Mark Sexton has been bringing attention to police inaction in the face of reported crimes committed by politicians.

It is possible the arrest of Simon Parry and his forced medicating and incarceration in a mental hospital for 6 months is meant to send a message to the public to not dare to expose politicians or police through this “Show-of-Force” and act of terror against an activist with a powerful voice, but the fact remains that from all accounts, all actions taken against Simon Parry are profoundly illegal, unlawful, and criminal. Police have no business terrorizing people, and activists like journalists and citizen journalists and all citizens are well within their rights in speaking publicly of the crimes of politicians, governments, and police.

The UK like the USA is playing Jack-Booted Thug aka Communist Oligarchy, and yet, all actions they take are based on that fraudulent hidden construct of Contracting with the Name.

A hugely edifying conversation with :Andrew:Devine, this is information for everyone in the world to know—especially if you are a writer, journalist, activist speaking out against government and police crime. You don't just have rights, you need to stand on them: Appointing lawyers to speak for you unfortunately leads to disaster since lawyers do not speak for you, hand you over to the “authorities” on the basis of your Name, do not engage in simple acts like doing a Habeas Corpus to get you out of jail or a psych ward, and do not act on your behalf, as Simon's case shows.


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