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The Health Cartel - 1/7th of the Economy - is Ripe for Entrepreneurial Disruption! But Innovators Must Be Ethical, Selling the Right Way or We’ll Just Replace One Health Care Mess with Another!
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Free Market Cash Patient
Published 2 months ago |
Robert Steele - Superbowl Champion, Marketing Specialist for TruthMD, & Founder, Steele Center for Professional Selling, University of North Alabama
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Closing hundreds of millions in contract value, Mr. Steele has not taken on every health care entrepreneur who has sought advice. This is not about money or fees. This is about credibility, character, and compliance for those we serve. Our motto has always been “Service above Self”. The Art, Science, and Psychology of Sales is a professional calling. Few choose this road. Actually, most travel this road begrudgingly. Life is about abundance. Abundance in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Health care took a seventh of the US economy not from serving the greater good but serving the pockets of the carpetbaggers that came to raid the public trough. Greed kills more than infection. Health reform is about changing the way we purchase healthcare and how we purchase health insurance. The Affordable Care Act NEVER addressed these two things. In fact, they totally ignored them in pursuit of Greed.

For those of us who desire to serve the greater good and be compensated because a worker is worthy of their wages. This talk will give you insights on how to delight your clients and prospects and have them coming back for more each and every year.

It is all about the WHY:
1. Why we do what we do;
2. Why consumers are so confused when it comes to healthcare;
3. Why this mission is so critical;
4. Why our sales approach is really not a sale at all: and
5. Why buy.

Health care presents one of the best markets for well-meaning innovators to add value, making money, and creating goodwill in the process. There’s a RIGHT way to proceed!
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