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Intimidation vs Truth and Justice? Ghislaine Maxwell Case - Reality Check on Expectations
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Published 9 months ago |
Straight Shooting News 11 28 2021-Intimidation vs Truth and Justice?
Maxwell Case & Expectations

Realities of the Ghislane Maxwell Trial, which many believe will take down the Forces of Evil.

By breaking this case down for you, it also shows why serious attorneys are paid well and the extensive work required in trying and winning a case.
I hope this is helpful for everyone fighting their own legal battles.

As someone with a law degree that is not an actual attorney, but had the unique experience of being granted the powers of an attorney to conduct a legal proceeding that involved multiple elements of law to determine the outcome, I understand the complexity of legal proceedings.
~ Bandana Ed

Breakdown of the Maxwell Case by Attorney Rob Gruler of R&R Law Group. See his Independent Media Show, “Watching the Watchers”:

Videos cued to start as in the show:
Simply, this case will not be televised
About proving the ages of the victims … a good reason for that.

Listen closely to the dispute over the validity of the “Black Book”.

Disputing the source, Law Firm credibility in question, falsifying documents; Black Book, “The Document” as altered and invalid.
Rodriguez provided the book to the law firm; he’s dead.
How did this evidence get to the prosecutors?
Defense want the Black Book thrown out, which destroys a lot of hopium that this case will take down High Profile people.

A dispute of one of the victims #3 testimony
Defense trying to get more criminal evidence thrown out.
Need to prove Epstein preferred underage women, and Maxwell’s criminal culpability.

Victims Fund

The Defense wants the names of all receiving any financial compensation by Epstein Victims Fund. Why is this significant? Attorney Gruler may not want to speculate, as a practicing lawyer, but we can apply some common sense as lay people.

One reason may be to reduce liability of Maxwell’s estate if she is convicted, claiming the victims were already compensated.

The other possibility is intimidation.

First Name Only Agreement (clip omitted in the show)
Keeping witnesses low profile.

Testimony of Forensic Scientists
Experts testimony or just opinions?

Epstein victims fund has paid $125 million
Government to exclude testimony on matters of forensic psychiatry
most filings and testimony will be redacted

Did Epstein Kill Himself?

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