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Revenge of the Elite & the Jews: Why Donald Trump MUST BE DESTROYED
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Published 4 months ago |
We take a closer look at Trump's enemies.

Early in October 2020, almost a month before the election, Keith Olbermann spoke about the need to destroy Trump at the ballot box. In fact, he even stated it just needs to be enough to win, and that the real battle starts then. He speaks with rage about the need to destroy "the maggots" (Trump supporters) and his "enablers".

We look at all the legal nightmares that have been prepared for Trump from when he leaves office. In there we see a bunch of people who seem to be Jews, and they speak about how Trump will find himself in court battles for the rest of his life. They seem to be intent on destroying him. Then there is an interesting Jew who seems to have been very close to Trump who turned on Trump.

Another fascinating interview is with Wilson, one of the founder of The Lincoln Project. He also talks about turning the final days of Trump's life into "a burning hell". I discuss whether the Lincoln Project might be linked to those people who stole the election.

I discuss why I am convinced that the Elite and Jews are now finally out to destroy Donald Trump AT ALL COSTS and why this is necessary.

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