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EMF Protection Products, Do They Work? Shungite, Orgonite, Stickers?
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EMF Safety Zone
Published a year ago |
Purchase EMF Protective Clothing:!/EMF-Shielding-Clothing-Highest-quality-and-most-effective-shielding-clothing-available/c/32163292/offset=0&sort=normal

- EMF Safety Zone Website:!/Microwave-RF-EMF-Meters-Measure-all-types-of-wireless-radiation-and-electromagnetic-fields/c/32163251/offset=0&sort=normal

eBay Store for EMF Meters and Protective Clothing:

There are no so-called 'EMF protection' devices or products on the market, in regards to stickers, bracelets, stones, pendants, or energy devices that are going to 'protect' you! Save your money! Don't waste your money!

No subtle energy device can stop microwave radiation from penetrating your body. If the product is decent, possibly it can help create resilience in your aura or biofield. However, no protect is going to stop microwave radiation from penetrating and damaging your body except certified, verifiable EMF protective clothing products. These can be proven and shown to work.

Please do not think a little sticker on your cell phone is going to make your cell phone safe. It will not and cannot. Here is what I tell people all over the world:

The only TRUE EMF protection is REDUCTION, ELIMINATION and PROXIMITY. REDUCE your exposure to wireless radiation. ELIMINATE wireless devices from your environment. PROXIMITY, means to stay as far away from exposure sources as possible! The only exception are professional remediation products such as shielding paints, fabrics and EMF protective clothing, which are verified and proven to be effective scientifically. All other ‘subtle energy’ or 'new age' devices claiming to protect you are most often useless and a waste of money.
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