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NASA Hires 24 Theologians to Evaluate ET Contact on Humanity - Part 3
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Brian Ruhe
Published 5 months ago |
Part 3 - Rich Scheck talks about NASA Asks 24 Theologians to Evaluate the reaction to ET Contact on Humanity. Maybe they know aliens are already here and they are planning on how to deal with disclosure. Among them is British priest and Cambridge University theologist Rev Dr Andrew Davison, who is in the thumbnail photo and he is helping to advise amid the ever-growing likelihood of discovering alien life.

On Dec. 26, 2021, I gave this talk to the Preparing for Alien Contact Meetup group. This was the description of the Meetup: Brian was so inspired by ICER's philosophy, which their rep. Victor Viggiani shared at our Dec. 15th Meetup, that Brian announced at the end of that meeting that he has changed the name of our Meetup from Positive Alien Agenda to, “Preparing for Alien Contact”. ICER is the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research at and their byline is, Preparing for Contact.

Suzy Hansen is ICER’s rep. from New Zealand. She and contactee Jeff from the Vancouver UFO Meetup have been the biggest inspirations for the writing of the Philosophy of our group.

For this Meetup, Brian will talk about ICER's purpose and go over some of Victor's statements posted in the comments of his Dec. 15th talk.

And, Alfred Lambremont Weber has generously given his permission for us to post two of his video interviews with Suzy Hansen from 2011 and 2015, onto our YouTube channel. Brian will play the last seven minutes of her talk with Alfred at 1:42:55 where he asks Suzy to summarize the alien agenda for human advancement. Her answer is pithy and powerful. The video is, “Suzanne Hansen: Dual Human-Grey Soul Earth Education Mission by Benevolent Grey ETs”;t=3431s . Brian will then unpack what Suzy said, giving his interpretation of her outline of the three waves of volunteer souls who have come to help the earth.

Brian will also quote some short passages from her book, The Dual Soul Connection – The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement, available at or Kindle Edition
This will be followed by a group discussion. If you want to take the time to prepare, buy her book and please watch the whole video with Suzy and Alfred. Come with any comments and questions.

Disclaimer: We do not represent the views of Suzy Hansen. Those of us who have studied her work have our own theories about how to interpret it.

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