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Critical Critic
Published 10 months ago |


• Free Libraries:

• The Energy-Economy:

• The Minimal Government Manual:

• The Nation Wide Decentralized Militia Network:

• A Note on 401ks :

• The Declaration of Independence:

• A General History of the Central Bank Cartel:

- 1933 Congressman Mcfadden describes in detail the corrupt mechanism of the Central Bank:

- 1966 Historian Carrol Quigley writes the massive Tome "Tragedy and Hope" which gives a detailed history on the central banking cartel centuries into the past.

- 1974 Anthony Sutton details the corruption of the Cartel, most importantly how they facilitated funding of Hitler and Trotsky through colluding corporate funding.

• Propaganda, subversion, infiltration:

This list is ordered in a way that builds upon the previous. If you read them all, you will be forever changed:

1. How to win Every Argument
2. Attacking Faulty Reasoning
3. Never Split the Difference
4. Edward Bernays' Propaganda
5. Propaganda and Persuasion
6. Masters of Deceit
7. The Art of Human Hacking
8. Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States
9. Pith and Marrow
10. Animal Farm
11. Atlas Shrugged
12. The Ghost in the Machine

• Morals, Ethics, General Wisdom: (Schopenhauer, Morality) (Tacitus, Corrupt Eloquence) (Ruskin, Unto This)

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